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Tekken 7 Announced at Evo 2014.

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Last night at Evo  it looks like the next installment of Tekken has been revealed. Tekken 7 is ready to make fighting fans drool over at this trailer below. Looks like this game is going to be powered by the Unreal 4 ...

New Hyrule Warriors Character Announced in New Trailer!

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The day of the release of Hyrule warriors is getting closer and closer and it looks like Nintendo has released a new original character to the Zelda world. Lana is her name and magic is her game. Besides her being the...

Sunset Overdrive Takes Shots At Ubisoft!

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Looks like Insomiac games is throwing some shots at the Assassin's Creed Publisher Ubisoft. Yesterday on Sunset TV they had a question from a fan asking "Will you be able to play as a female?" Now this isnt the kicker...

The Wii U Needs A Price Drop & A Need For Change

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The Wii U has been on the market since November of 2012 (November 18 to be more exact). At launch in North America, we had prices of $299.00 for the basic set and $349.99 for the deluxe set. With an introductory price...

Halo: Master Chief Collection Pre-order Bonuses

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Why do people mostly preorder a game months before? Mostly for the Limited edition upgrades, the extra weapons that you can get in the game and even a headstart in the game so you can play it a week early before you b...

Directors Can Stay According To Sony Investors

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Sony shareholders are pretty upset over the company's recent performance. They're so upset that they openly heckled management at the annual shareholders meeting today. It was so bad that Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai had to a...

Capcom is up for Sale?!

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A few days ago the investors of Capcom had a meeting at the headquarters and it looks the shareholders have voted for letting Capcom being taken over, meaning Capcom is up for sale. So either Playstation or Nintendo c...

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NBA2K14 MyCareer Live Action Series: It Was All A Dream Ep.1

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NBA2K14 MyCareer Live Action Series Episode 1: The Day Before The 2014 NBA Draft James Kavious is at home, taking part in one more practice before he heads to New York City for the NBA Draft. He appears and sounds ...

Veel Mir’Aje | Phobia PT.1 (Music Video)

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Phobia Pt.1 Artist: Veel Mir'Aje Produced by: Veel Mir'Aje Mixed & Mastered by: Joshua "K.V Anime" Gantt Directed by: N.W.P Productions You can follow Veel Mir'Aje at: Twitter:

The Indie Route | Recording Artist: Joey Aich

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We got a chance to interview local Cleveland hip-hop artist, Joey Aich, to discuss his musical tastes, influences, and ideals in the independent rap scene. A talented lyricist, his style very reminiscent to the golden...

The Indie Route | Recording Artist: Majik

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We were present at The Grog Shop for The North Coast Showcase and got a chance to link up with one of Cleveland's local and growing recording artist, Majik. He's gained some notoriety in just a short amount of time as...

Pause The Game! | When Gaming News Is Fluff, Don’t Make Up Stuff!

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This summer has been no different than any other year in the gaming industry. Game releases are dry with neither Microsoft's Xbox One, Sony's PlayStation 4, or Nintendo's Wii U taking advantage of the slack. Seems as ...

Green Street Records | “The Will To Win” Album Review

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With Green Street Records latest effort "The Will To Win", is this hip hop album a winner? Sang Frais breaks down the good, the bad, and gives her overall impressions of The Will To Win. Check out the album here: h...

KNS Tha Engineer | “Play On, Game On” Review

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Today, we review the latest single "Play On, Game On" from artist KNS Tha Engineer. With hip-hop steadily growing in diversity within the independent circuit, how well does this single stand out from the rest? Club mu...

The Last Of Us “One Night Live” Review

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The Last Of Us launch on the PS4 was complimented with a special performance in Santa Monica. With appearances made by Geoff Keighley, The original cast of The Last Of Us (Troy Baker as Joel, Ashley Johnson as Ellie, ...

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N.W.P Beats | Free Hip Hop Beat #21: Hell’s Bells (Vegeta’s Theme 2.0) | Produced By: K.V Anime

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This is the redux edition of Vegeta's Hell's Bells theme from Dragon Ball Z. I think this free hip hop beat came out way better than the predecessor. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE! ► FOLLOW US on Dailymot...

Asking Them Questions Pt.2 | N.W.P

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Another day, another asking them questions parody. We do some of the oddest things for your entertainment! SUBSCRIBE! ► FOLLOW US on Dailymotion! ► TWITCH! ► http://bit...

N.W.P Beats | Free Hip Hop Beat #1: Spiderman Beat | Produced By: K.V Anime

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This was the very first edition of Free Beat Wednesday, and I started off by releasing a beat sampling the 90's Spiderman theme. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE! ► FOLLOW US on Dailymotion! ►

Nintendo E3 2014 | Live Conference Analysis and Updates

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Nintendo is coming back with their digital event this year and you'll be able to watch it right here, while we also give our live update and analysis of it. Stick around because you don't want to miss what Nintendo ha...

The Boondocks Season 4 Mid-Season Review | CANCEL IT! | ► N.W.P ◄

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Season 4 of The Boondocks have been completely awful. We hoped that it would improve over time, but now we've (or at least K.V Anime) has given up on the series. The latest episode "Freedomland" was the last straw. Wh...

E3 2012: The Best and Worst Of E3 Conferences | Sang Frais | N.W.P Reviews

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Sang Frais Reviews the conferences from E3 2012. She gives the highlights and disappointments of the highly anticipated expo. SUBSCRIBE! ► FOLLOW US on Dailymotion! ► T...

New Zelda Wii U Screenshots

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For all of you Zelda buffs out there who haven't seen the latest screenshots of the new Zelda Wii U title, check them out. I cannot deny the fantastic visuals.   The newest installment of the Zelda s...

Top 50 Most ANNOYING Things YouTubers Do (26-50) | ► N.W.P COUNTDOWN ◄

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There are many things YouTubers unconcioussly do on the internet, and we have 50 that we've noticed constantly. Enjoy our next 25 as we count down our Top 50 most annoying things youtubers do! SUBSCRIBE! ► http://b...

Asking Them Questions Pt.1 | N.W.P

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Asking them questions is a parody we created where we would ask the most outrageous, random questions for no reason. SUBSCRIBE! ► FOLLOW US on Dailymotion! ► TWITCH! ► ...