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Hatred is back on Steam GreenLight.

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    Hatred is the most controversial game that was announced this year, but it was removed from Steam's community Greenlight earlier this week. Doug Lombardi,a rep from Valve said that "Based on what w...

Street Fighter V Has Been Announced

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The trailer to Street Fighter V has been leaked out into the internet today and according to the trailer, it will be exclusive only to PS4 and PC. Because of it only being available to one console, this might have bee...

No Early Reviews Allowed For The Crew

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Ubisoft put up a blog post last night stating that The Crew will not be available to the media/press until December 2nd. Their reasoning for doing this? "The Crew was built from the beginning to be a living playgroun...

Game Releases For 11/25/14

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After coming off a crazy, heavy filled week of games, this week tends to slow down just a bit. Here's all of the game releases that will be available starting today: Geometry Wars 3 ( Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3,...

Riot’s Bug Bounty Program

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All it took was a security researcher in Australia to find a vulnerability in Riot's network for Riot to admit that they had a problem. Riot knows that no software connected to the internet is 100% safe and that there...

Sunset Overdrive FREE For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers On November 22

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Sunset Overdrive will be free to download and play for 24 hours for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Saturday, November 22nd at 12:01am Eastern Time. In collaboration with Insomniac Games and confirmed by Major Ne...

Call of Duty: Heroes

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Today, Call of Duty: Heroes, which is a free to play 3D combat strategy game is available now for iOS and Windows 8 tablets. Call of Duty: Heroes will allow players to build and customize their own military base while...

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The Playstation Experience is Live!!!

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It's finally here! Watch the event live with us right now!

Tales From The Borderlands Review, PlayStation 20th Anniversary, The Crew’s Potential | Nerd Raw

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DISCLAIMER: This episode was shot December 4th, 2014 In today's episode of Nerd Raw, we review episode one of Tales of Borderlands by TellTale Games, discuss The Crew and it's online potential. and celebrate PlaySt...

Watch The Game Awards Here Tonight!

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The Game Awards will be airing tonight at 9pm ET and you can watch it live here with us!

Tales From The Borderlands Live Stream

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We reported last week that Tales From The Borderlands will be premiering at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema tonight. If you weren't able to get tickets, then just get comfy because you can watch the event live, here with us! ...

HBO GO App Finally Available On Xbox One

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Initially there was confusion about the availability of the HBO GO app when Xbox 360 users reported seeing the app appear on their console, but it is finally available for Xbox One users. In this video, Major Nelson g...

Beat Contra III: The Alien Wars | Co-Op Hard Mode Difficulty + Funny Montage | DO THE IMPOSSIBLE

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We're attempting to beat Contra 3: The Alien Wars in co-op mode with the hardest difficulty setting. We haven't played this game since the 90's, so we're going into this challenge blind and totally unprepared! Enjoy o...

Loot Crate Amiibo News!!!

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Loot Crate finally lets the information fly about it's amiibo subscription service it has with Nintendo. Here's how everything works: There's two payment plan options for you to choose from. The first option is th...

Flashback Friday With NWP #FBF

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This week, i'm taking you guys back to Episode 2 of our web series "Road to a Million". We love making documentary type videos and you guys really liked it too, but in this phase of our lives, we didn't have the prope...

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Hatred is back on Steam GreenLight.

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    Hatred is the most controversial game that was announced this year, but it was removed from Steam's community Greenlight earlier this week. Doug Lombardi,a rep from Valve said that "Based on what w...

The Dark Below Destiny Expansion Releases December 9th

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Activision has announced that the first downloadable expansion for Destiny will release on December 9th for all platforms. Here's what Activision had to say: "With all-new weapons and gear, story quests, multiplayer ...

Top 5 Hip Hop Producers Of All-Time!

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SUBSCRIBE! ► APPLY TO FULLSCREEN ► N.W.P Countdown has returned! This time, we're not doing video games. Time to switch it up as we give out top 5 hip hop producers of al...

Is Playstation Now A Bust In The Making?

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Is PlayStation Now a bust in the making? With the fees associated with renting titles, is it worth it? Is 4 hours for a few dollars really a bang for your buck. Let us know in the comment section! SUBSCRIBE! ► http...

Black Nerd Comedy Talks Success, Race, & Plays Trivia! | PAX East 2014 | N.W.P INTERVIEWS

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At PAX East 2014, we got a chance to talk to Andre of Black Nerd Comedy for a hefty amount of time! He was kind enough to give us insight on his success, his views on race within YouTube, and tests his Nintendo knowle...

Game Releases for 11/18/14

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Tons of big name pickups to get this week! Here's the list of games that are releasing today: Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom ( 3DS & PC) Company of Heroes: Ardennes Assault ( PC) Dragon...

MULTI-PLAYAS! | Gauntlet Dark Legacy Pt.3 “Don’t Destroy The Food!”

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If there's one rule in Gauntlet Dark Legacy that you must abide by, is that you don't destroy the food! SUBSCRIBE! ► FOLLOW US on Dailymotion! ► TWITCH! ►

Game Releases For 11/11/14

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It's a brand new week, which means there's brand new games to play and buy! Here's a list of all the game releases for today: Assassin's Creed Rogue ( Xbox 360, PS3, PC) Assassin's Creed Unity ( Xbox One, PS4, P...

New Zelda Wii U Screenshots

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For all of you Zelda buffs out there who haven't seen the latest screenshots of the new Zelda Wii U title, check them out. I cannot deny the fantastic visuals.   The newest installment of the Zelda s...